The future of fabric care

When it comes to the most unique concepts in fabric care in this day and age, I’d have to take my hat off to ‘Washbox24′ in Thailand. Not only do the facilities have 24 hour walk in access, they also facilitate purely on a drop off and collection basis; all done with the assistance of self service lockers. The interior and exterior design is more fitting to a futuristic social venue rather than a dry cleaner. Bottom line, the place catches the eye and has had no expense spared when it came to designing. The website isn’t too bad either. I’ve seen it time and time again when a good dry cleaner lets itself down with a tacky website. For lack of a better term, a business’ website is also a form of premises; a cyber premises. Washbox24 has done a good job with both.Image     Secondly I’d like to give credit where it’s due and this time it goes out to the married couple, Greg and Joy Fuhrman. After being strong willed enough to sell their home and take off travelling, the c.p.a. duo decided it was time for a change in career. While soaking up sun on a beach in Australia they gave birth to the concept of a laundromat coffee shop hybrid; the ‘Washouse’.

The Colarado natives first bought an existing laundry back in 2007, finding their true venue in 2008. Both were existing laundromats but the earlier finding didn’t have the upscale surroundings that such a concept could thrive in. It seems as though the Fuhrmans judgement paid off. ‘Washouse’ is a huge success with the University students.

What better than a coffee stop and a laundromat in a University populated area.

A fairy tale success story; kudos to the Fuhrmans!



When it comes to the U.K. I personally vision the room for innovative ideas. There’s definitely a few movements that are extremely impressive, such as ‘Jeeves of Belgravia’ and ‘Shirtstream’, both have excellent locations and have spared no expense on premises and web design. Blossom and Browne’s sycamore is also a movement to be admired, with-out forgetting good old ‘Johnsons’, who has equally survived the test of time.

I could go on and on but when it comes to creativity and a good business sense, I’d have to give my third salute to ‘Laundry Republic’.

This is a great concept and must have taken a good deal of resourcefulness to kick start. If you haven’t heard of ‘Laundry Republic’ allow me to quickly explain: L.R. have their very own lockers in buildings all over London. You simply place the wears inside the locker, taking the key with you until the collection date. Registration is completed via their website, which is in no way a disappointment, then you’re ready to access the locker. There’s also an option through hotel concierge. The service operates by letting you know when your laundry is ready via text or email, you then simply collect from the locker. The best part is everything getting done without having to leave your building.

The question is why a consumer would choose ‘Laundry Republic’ and not their local free pick-up and delivery service?

I think their’s a certain appealing factor to not having to deal with anyone. Dirty clothing can be quite intimate and the cleaning of it slightly mundane. The benefit of placing it in a locker in your building makes things extremely simple. The only drawback could be the online sign up which can sometimes put people off.

‘Laundry Republic’ is a well presented unique concept.

More ideas like this please!


Below – similar concept in the states; ‘Laundry Locker’.




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